Hepatitis C :

This office does evaluations and treatment of Hepatitis C.
This condition often goes undiagnosed for years and can be very serious if not treated.  Referrals are accepted for  the investigation of this illness and several treatments are available.  The video below provides more information.
Laboratory Testing:
The labs needed to discover what kind of Hepatitis C a person has and whether you have active disease are:
    Liver function tests
    Viral load (actual virus count)
    Genotype (virus genetic type)
    Protime (test liver production)
    Liver biopsy (structure eval.)
Liver Biopsy:

A biopsy is valuable information that gives us a baseline of how much damage may be present even before treatment is started.  This office prefers a CT guided liver biopsy which is similar to the video that demonstrates an ultrasound technique.  Otherwise the tests are identical.
Cirrhosis of the Liver: 

There is a collection of illnesses that cause damage to the liver.  The liver can be damaged by viruses, bacteria, trauma, obstruction and auto immune mechanisms.  Cirrhosis impairs the function of the liver and can cause changes in the color of the skin, swelling of the abdomen with accumulated fluid called ascites and distended veins.  The video below explains in detail many of the illnesses, there causes and some of the treatments.  
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